April 26 Mobilization

We are living through a crucial juncture in history. We face a moment in which unjust policies that benefit a fraction of the world’s population fuel conflicts, wars and the two greatest threats to all life on Earth: nuclear war and climate change. During the weekend of April 24-26, we will join together to demand:

  • The abolition of nuclear weapons
  • Economic justice, including Moving the Money from the Pentagon to meet human needs
  • Racial equity and the demilitarization of policing
  • Environmental justice and urgent responses to climate crises
  • The just and peaceful resolution of global wars and confrontations

The central elements of the Mobilization for a Nuclear-Free, Just, and Sustainable World are an International ConferenceRally, March, and Peace Festival in New York City, and a Global Wave in cities around the world.

A nuclear free, peaceful, just and sustainable world is possible. Join us as we build power and change from below.

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