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On this Veteran’s Day: Let’s Get Real 

Honor the Dead and Support G.I. Resistance

The same week “on-the-ground” U.S. troop presence in Iraq doubled to 3,000, an inspiring member of Iraq Veterans Against the War, Ethan Kruestzer, took his own life, closely following Jacob George, another IVAW member very active in anti-war and global solidarity work, who took his life in late September. And now, last night, yet another anti-war veteran, Tomas Young, passed.

This comes alongside the daily reality of massive loss of life in the wars of Iraq and Syria, prompting young artist Ali Eyal in Baghdad to say that hearing explosions has yet again become as common as hearing “Hello.”

Occupied people prevented from self-determination due to mass violence and 22 U.S. veteran suicides per day are the systematic and inevitable costs of militarism.

Events today, such as the Concert for Valor where 800,000 are set to “honor the service and sacrifice of veterans, active duty service members and their families”, attempt to hide these sad realities of war. Let us instead recall the words of Jacob George who sang: “because we support these troops we’re gonna bring these wars to an end.”

One way we can be led by those directly impacted by war is to read and share The Fort Hood Report: essential research conducted on-base at Ft. Hood in Killeen, Texas by members of IVAW and Civilian Soldier Alliance. The testimonies in this report form a bedrock of veteran demands for the right to heal, and reveal the folly of all military escalation. Spread it far and wide today.

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