VFP Linus Pauling Chapter resumes TiR work

New school year…New Truth in Recruiting (TiR) opportunities.

As the school year begins, the Linus Pauling Chapter is scheduling regular high school visits to help students considering joining the military make an intelligent decision.


We hope to go one step further this year, making presentations to classes to discuss the military enlistment option and its consequences.

We recently came upon a website which we found full of good information and with a broader (international) perspective:

Countering the Militarisation of Youth – A project of War Resisters’ International which seeks to identify and challenge the many ways in which young people around the world are encouraged to accept the military and military values as normal, and worthy of their uncritical support. Militarisation is a process which goes far beyond overt recruitment. It includes the presence and influence of the armed forces in education, public military events such as parades, and military-themed video games.

And please see our TiR Web Resources page for other good info.

If you’re interested in helping with our Truth in Recruiting work, please contact us at: info[at]vfpcorvallis.org.

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