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Fukushima Petition

There are calls for international action to assist with Fukushima. For an explanation of the situation see Also, this article by Harvey Wasserman links to a global petition asking for international intervention with the Tepco planned fuel rod removal … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Thank DeFazio during a telephone call instead of in person…. I was scheduled to hold a town hall meeting near you this week. But because of a last minute decision by House leadership to change the schedule and hold votes in Washington, … Continue reading

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Health Care, not war!

Hello Advocates:  Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates will hold its monthly meeting on Monday, September 23, at 7:00 pm, at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Corvallis. Come join us to hear about legislative successes from last session and plans for the … Continue reading

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Let’s thank DeFazio!

Our Congressperson Peter DeFazio was one of the first to speak up and out about not wanting to launch an attack on Syria. He is having town halls around the district, and next week he will be in our Corvallis … Continue reading

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Vald the Peacemaker ?

After all the drawing of the ‘Red Line’ by the White House and the reality of Obama actually becoming Bush Lite, right before our very eyes, it’s been a somewhat pleasant surprise to hear the Russian president take up the … Continue reading

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Stop War

Leah Bolger of Linus Pauling VFP sends to alt2war a report back on today’s September 3 visit to Eugene to stop the attack on Syria: “Approximately 15 people (most of whom traveled from Corvallis) attempted to visit the offices of … Continue reading

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Stop War with Linus Pauling VFP

No War on Syria ! Posted on September 1, 2013by VFP Linus Pauling Chapter Lobby Congress to take a no-war stand. Pres. Obama has said he will consult with Congress before attacking Syria. We the People need to tell Congress to block any US … Continue reading

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