Hiroshima Rememberance

From Carolyn LaTierra:

Friends, I learned a few days ago that the annual ceremony to remember August 6, 1945 will not take place this year at Starker Arts Park.

I am sending this email out because I find there is significance in the ritual of gathering as a community to reflect upon our history as the nation to use atomic bombs on the people of Japan. If you, too, are moved by the quiet, the candlelight and the remembering, let us gather informally on the grassy side of the pond, In Starker Arts Park, between 8 & 8:30 on Tuesday, August 6. If you have music to share that would be lovely. If you have silence to share that, too, is lovely.

I have no plans beyond gathering as community in remembrance.
Perhaps I will see you there,

may peacefulness be the place we begin rather than the goal we strive to achieve.

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