Drones Quilt Project

From Leah Bolger:  I’m announcing the launch of the website to support the U.S. version of the Drones Quilt Project.  We got the idea to create a drones quilt to memorialize the victims of U.S. combat drone strikes from a group of women in the UK.  I thought there would be plenty of interest in the U.S. to create a quilt of our own, and I am right.  I have assigned about 185 names and have received over 40 completed blocks.  Soon we will begin sewing the blocks together to create panels of quilt blocks.  I will be creating educational information about drones which will accompany the quilts as part of a traveling exhibit.

sample block of drones quitl

Drones Quilt Block

Here is the website to support the project:  www.dronesquiltproject.wordpress.com I have posted photos of all the blocks I have received so far.  The website also contains information about creating a block, anti-drone resources and endorsing organizations.

Please help me promote the Drones Quilt Project by passing along the website:  www.dronesquiltproject.wordpress.com and follow the project on Twitter:  @dronesproject.

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