“Grand Bargain” neither grand nor a bargain

Veterans For Peace, Linus Pauling Chapter

Critical time to demand Pentagon cuts and preserve social security & veterans benefits…what you can do

Two caveats here first…

  1. We prefer to post original content here, but this story from Robert Naiman in the April 19 Common Dreams is a compelling call to action and a very simple explanation of the upcoming “Grand Bargain” legislation, proposed by President Obama, and
  2. We don’t normally recommend these online petitions.  They’re at least partially intended to build their email database and fund raise.  But we make an exception in this case.  Please consider signing here if you want to cut wasteful Pentagon spending rather than Social Security or veterans benefits.  It’s sponsored by MoveOn and Just Foreign Policy.

Naiman did an excellent job of laying out more details in this April 9 HuffPo post.The_Pentagon_January_2008  It debunks some of the myths surrounding Pentagon budget cuts.

From the Common Dreams piece:

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